Introduction of Ati Tadbir Diba

Ati Tadbir Diba Co. (Private Joint Stock) with the registration No. 63928 started its activity in 2012 with Thermowood process, and after eight years, expanded its activity in import and export of wood and its supply to the domestic market of Iran and export the manufactured products to the neighboring countries and the Middle East.


Ati Tadbir ، Specialized wood complex




Creating a complete set from trade to production by various brands and cooperation with domestic and international collections

Mers wood, a well-known brand in the thermo production industry using modern European standards

Providing all investment services, export and import, consulting, design, etc. in the field of wood and wood products

Ati Ted Trading is a collection of successful traders in various fields of domestic and international trade in Iran.

Cooperative Method of Ati Tadbir Team


Specialized Team


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No. 64, 4th Street, Jey Industrial Estate, Isfahan, Iran.

Phone : 983135724488